How To Manage Netgear Router Password?

The moment you purchase a new Netgear router, it comes with the default factory settings. The router’s default settings includes the default login credentials.  Remember, the default login credentials are the same for all the respective Netgear Routers. Here, are the few things related to the Netgear Router Password Manager that you need to know […]

Fix Netgear a6210 Not Detected- Get Easy Hacks

Everybody is busy doing social networking and this has become an important part of our lives. We have become internet savvy and have totally dependent on networking sites. As we rely on the internet so much the problem arises when we are unable to access the internet. The users trust the Netgear router to access […]

How does a Wireless Router Work?

When any electronic device connects to the internet, it does it through a specific hardware and that device is called a router. Such devices are used to connect computers and other smart devices like you phone or tablet with the data network. No wires are required to connect to the internet for these devices and […]

How to fix Linksys router error 2112?

Connecting with anyone on this earth has become easy since the invention of routers. Routers have made it possible for the users to speed up their internet connections and communicate with each other with high-speed network connectivity. You can easily find all the qualities of a good router in the widely used Linksys routers. It […]

How to fix EA connection server error?

Many EA fans reported that there was a problem connecting to EA servers while trying to run certain games on their PC. Fortunately, most of the time it’s not a massive issue and the following solutions usually help. What to do if you’re unable to connect to EA servers? Restart the game- you must do this before attempting […]

How to boost the speed of your router?

The slow speed of your router can make you throw it out of your window. If your internet provider can’t help you with the problem you remedy it yourself to make it work properly. Whether you’re a consumer, small business, a startup relying on a home broadband connection or a company with bigger connectivity needs, you need […]