How to boost the speed of your router?

The slow speed of your router can make you throw it out of your window. If your internet provider can’t help you with the problem you remedy it yourself to make it work properly.

Whether you’re a consumer, small business, a startup relying on a home broadband connection or a company with bigger connectivity needs, you need a router that works best for you. If your router is not providing with what you desire from it you can try different ways to improve its performance.

10 ways through which you can boost up your router:

  1. Change channel- the first time you set up your router, it automatically detects the least crowded channel and sets it as default. However, with the arrival of new neighbors or nearby, the channel gets clogged up as it is used by a handful of routers. There are some tools that may help you with changing the channel or you can install some software for the same.
  2. Try using higher frequency network- usually, 2.4GHz frequency is crowded because it is used not only computers or phones, but microwave ovens and cordless phones use it as well. Most of the routers now offer two Wi-Fi bands, which means they’re sending two network signals; one at 2.4GHz, and one at 5GHz. If you can, you should use 5GHz which is less crowded and offers more channels.
  3. Limit access of your router’s frequency bands- sometimes you can’t choose the 5GHz frequency or select a less cluttered channel, in such cases it is important to limit your router to send signals at intervals of 20MHz. The small business with guest Wi-Fi facility should limit the guest access for fewer dropouts.
  4. Update your firmware- always make sure that your router’s firmware is up-to-date. The latest firmware update can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website which can be updated following a simple procedure.
  5. Update your router adapter or driver- sometimes a wireless adapter or USB cannot connect fully to your PC or laptop and updating it could give it the push it needs to start working again.
  6. Change the location of your router- moving the router will have a positive impact on your internet speed although it might seem very simplistic.
  7. Turn off the power saving mode- by default, some routers are set up with a ‘power saving’ mode on to save a few milliwatts. Unfortunately, this approach can reduce bandwidth disproportionately. You can change it to normal power setting via your pc.
  8. Tidy your pc- your router’s signal can become if your pc is too old or untidy. One way to boost your router’s speed is to declutter your pc by deleting unnecessary files or programs that could be slowing it down.
  9. Know about bandwidth hoggers- if you share your connection with people who like to watch and download movies, stream TV shows or play online video games, you may need to consider setting up a few rules for them.
  10. Schedule a restart regularly- generally, when Wi-Fi slows down we turn the router off and on again and again, but what we should be doing is scheduling daily reboots for our router so that it can automatically refresh itself and its connectivity. This could be done by accessing the router’s menu via your pc.

You can also boost your router’s speed by placing it away from other electronic devices such as baby monitors, fairy lights and speakers. In case nothing works for you and your router is still causing trouble, you can try connecting to your router’s customer support by dialing their support number.

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