How to fix EA connection server error?

Many EA fans reported that there was a problem connecting to EA servers while trying to run certain games on their PC. Fortunately, most of the time it’s not a massive issue and the following solutions usually help.

What to do if you’re unable to connect to EA servers?

  1. Restart the game- you must do this before attempting any other solution. Closing and then restarting the game often solves a number of issues including the “There was a problem connecting to EA servers” error.
  2. Restart your PC- Fully shut down your Xbox, play station or PC and then restart it. This refreshes your connection and may help to get rid of the problem that is causing “There was a problem connecting to EA servers” error.
  3. Disable your firewall or antivirus- Faulty router or computer firewall settings can block sources of information coming from EA. Try disabling your firewall temporarily and see if it works.

Furthermore, malware-prevention software might stop you from getting online so try turning off your antivirus too. If you discover that your antivirus is the problem, perhaps it would be a good idea to update it to the latest version.

Many antivirus software offers great protection, and their new Gaming Mode feature won’t interfere with your gaming sessions in any way.

  1. Change your Internet connection- If you are still getting “There was a problem connecting to EA servers” message, try switching to the wired connection. In case you’re playing the game via a Wi-Fi connection, connect your device to a router and see if the server connection is restored or not.

If you only have a wireless connection, try changing to the strongest wireless channel as it is probably more stable.

  1. Restart your router- In case the problem still persists, try restarting your router. This usually creates a fresh connection and it could help.


  • Power off the router.
  • Now unplug it from the socket.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then plug it back into its power source.
  • Power it back on and see if the connection is stabilized or not.
  • If you own both router and modem, repeat the same steps for both devices.
  1. Repair your network- it will identify the main cause for the “There was a problem connecting to EA servers” error in your network. To fix it, do the steps that follow:


  • Click the Start button and then select Settings.
  • Now choose Network & Internet
  • Type Network in the search box and select find and fix networking and connection problems.
  • Click next and follow the remaining steps to complete the process.
  1. Other tips
  • Check the games release date: confirm the release date for the EA game that you wish to play. EA servers remain hyper-busy during the launch days for their games as users rush online to get a glimpse of what new the game brings. The increased number of connections overwhelms the servers resulting in this error message when you try to play online.
  • Additionally, some games especially the older ones are not supported for online play by EA, therefore, it is mandatory to check the status of your game on the EA’s website.
  • Some games need certain Windows permissions, so running them as an administrator is the best way.

These are some solutions that can help you fix “There was a problem connecting to EA servers” on your PC.

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